Apartment fire in Yuma leaves family without a home


YUMA — Around 3 in the morning, 2 people in Yuma were awaken by the fire alarm going off in their apartment. Yuma fire arrived to the apartment and quickly extinguished, and was contained to the unit it started in.
The people inside were able to get out safely. The unit the fire occurred in sustained heavy fire damage and was not able to be reoccupied. The fire was found to have come from the bathroom exhaust/ventilation, dropping burning debris into the bathroom. The fire then spread through the rest of the apartment.
Bathroom exhaust/ventilation fans are a common cause of residential fires. Yuma fire reminds the community to ensure your exhaust/ventilation fans are cleaned frequently to avoid lint buildup, and always remember to turn the switch off when you leave the bathroom, with continuous use a fan can overheat. Also if your fan is showing signs of malfunction (for example, unusual noises like buzzing or humming, inconsistent operation, or fails to turn on), turn it off and do not turn back on until it can be repaired or replaced