Condor’s Nest director speaks about working with local Yuma actor


YUMA — Phil Blattenberger is a writer, director, and producer. He’s best known for the film Point Man which was produced in 2019, and Condor’s Nest which will be released on January 27th. Condor’s Nest is based a decade after the fall of Nazi Germany, an American aviator travels across South America in search of war criminals and encounters more than he bargained for. spoke to Phil Blattenberger who wrote and directed Condor’s Nest, and the accomplishments and struggles that went into the film. Blattenberger begin writing the script in 2018, but of course, 2020 happened and delayed the production. Early 2021 was when the team hit preproduction, and Condor’s Nest was filmed that summer.
“Probably dealing with different weather elements while filming was one of the biggest hurdles,” says Blattenberger. Most of the film was located in North Carolina and some spots in Utah. “110-degree heat in North Carolina while filming was rough, and I wasn’t even the one wearing shearling-lined high-altitude flight gear like the poor actors,” expressed Blattenberger.
Blattenberger told about Yuma local Michael Walker, who stars as Sargent Archie in the film. “Mike is one of the hardest-working actors I’ve ever come across. The guy just doesn’t quit!” shared Blattenberger. Walker appears at the beginning of the film standing off to Mummy star Arnold Vosloo in front of a smoking bomber with a tank in his face. We can’t say anymore!
Is there another movie in the making?
“I’m currently in preproduction on a crime/thriller called Without Consequence. It’s set in Nevada in the 60s. A pair of U.S. marshals search for a wanted murderer.”
Blattenberger shared how anytime he produces or directs a feature film, he ends up getting involved with every single facet of the production. “After 4 and a half years of making a movie with other people, the memories just stack up and it’s hard to pick just one,” says Blattenberger. He says filming Arnold Vosloo’s scene in front of the crashed B17 was an amazing day and he’ll never forget it. He also said watching Arnold Vosloo, James Urbaniak, and Bruce Davison, who have never spoken a word of German prior to learning the massive dialogue sequence entirely in German, was an “all-time life highlight.”
Phil, can you give us any spoilers?!
“Paramount would have my head if I spoiled anything, and so would our audiences! This thing’s a mile-a-minute turncoat thriller, so you just gotta strap in and go along for the ride.”
While wrapping up our interview we asked Blattenberger if he could give any future directors/producers out there any advice. He says to learn to write first, learn how people talk, and learn about character and story arcs. “Understanding the building blocks of narrative lets you flesh out your vision for the story as a producer which ultimately lends you the ability to put it all together on the day as a director. Horse first, then cart.”
Condor’s Nest will be in Yuma theaters January 27th.