Health Tip for Yuma: Your gut could be influencing your heart health. Doctor Explains


Gut Health
The Big Picture: Dr. Lindsay Boik-Price says, “We’re seeing more and more evidence that there’s a connection between your gut health & heart health.”
In the news: New research from Sweden is showing that certain Streptococcus gut bacteria could be responsible for some of the plaque buildup within the heart’s arteries (Coronary Arteries).
The research showed that the bacteria Streptococcus anginosus and S. oralis. could be strongly associated with plaque buildup.
This research continues to build on the notion that external factors could be impacting how the heart responds to stress and inflammation throughout the body.
You should know that heart disease is the number one killer of people all across the world. The impact of this on you in Yuma is huge. There are many steps you can start taking today to ensure that you have a strong and healthy cardiovascular system.
Did you know 32.2% of you in Yuma County currently have high blood pressure?
Do all statins cause muscle pain?
Doctor’s Expert Insights About Gut Health and Heart Health in Arizona
Know this: “Ok, research like this is very important. Because it allows us to look at all the various issues and conditions that could be leading to a certain health outcome. Currently, we’re learning a lot about the importance of good gut health on our mental, brain, and heart health! So, one suggestion I offer my patients is to make sure that they’re following the DASH or Mediterranean diets for optimal heart health. These diets have been proven with tons of scientific evidence that they extend life and reduce negative heart health outcomes. Talk to your healthcare team to get started. In fact, many insurances will provide you access to a nutritionist.” Dr. Puja Uppal, Family Medicine.
Next steps to take if you or someone in your life are worried about their heart health: Make sure that you know your ASCVD Risk Score. Take the test and discuss the results with your doctor. The American College of Cardiology has the test available online. (Visit the Resource Here)
Yuma Health Alert
The stressors of life and poor gut health could be leading to worsened heart health.
The Health Standard Newswire:
Living in Yuma, the following heart health facts impact your health directly!
Did you know there were 14550.0 deaths from heart disease in Arizona in 2021?
28.4% of you in Yuma County lack health insurance.
6.3% of you in Yuma County, have coronary heart disease.
31.6% of people living in Yuma County have been screened for high cholesterol.
16.4% of you in Yuma County smoke.
All of these variables play an important role in your heart health outcomes.
New findings on the possible influence of gut health on heart health.
Health Standard Newswire: Circulation. July 2023. doi:10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.123.063914
What they’re saying:
“Microbial functional potential of dissimilatory nitrate reduction, anaerobic fatty acid β-oxidation, and amino acid degradation were associated with coronary artery calcium score. This study provides evidence of an association of a gut microbiota composition characterized by increased abundance of Streptococcus spp and other species commonly found in the oral cavity with coronary atherosclerosis and systemic inflammation markers. Further longitudinal and experimental studies are warranted to explore the potential implications of a bacterial component in atherogenesis.” (Study Source)
The Journal Circulation published the findings: Streptococcus Species Abundance in the Gut Is Linked to Subclinical Coronary Atherosclerosis in 8973 Participants From the SCAPIS Cohort (Read it Here)
The Health Standard Newswire