Here’s every emergency call that Yuma Fire answered this week, 302


YUMA — From Sunday September 24, 2023 through Saturday September 30, 2023, the Yuma Fire Department responded to 302 emergency calls for service:
6 Fire Responses including 2 vehicle fires
Vehicle fire safety tips include:
– If a fire is suspected safely pull over, turn the vehicle off, and get everyone out
– If you think there is a fire under the hood or trunk, do not open it. This will likely cause the fire to grow
– Get away from the vehicle and call 9-1-1
– With electric vehicles, make sure you are using a certified charging device and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when charging the vehicle
7 Mutual Aid Responses including assisting a fellow agency with a brush fire
15 Special Duty and Public Assistance Responses including various alarms
19 Motor Vehicle Crashes including 2 that involved multiple vehicles, 1 involving a pedestrian, and 1 involving a fence
255 Medical Responses including: 9 for abdominal pain, 16 for upper extremity pain, 10 for lower extremity pain, 2 for deaths, 11 for alcohol overuse, 8 for altered levels of consciousness, 10 for anxiety, 9 for psychological distress, 12 for chest pain, 7 for strokes, 2 for diabetic emergencies, 6 for difficulty breathing, 9 for dizziness, 3 for drug overdoses, 10 for headaches or head pain, 5 for heart problems, 3 for back pain, 7 for blood pressure issues, 15 for pain, 3 for seizures, 3 for fainting, 2 for an allergic reaction, 2 for dehydration, 1 for a burn, 8 for injuries, 14 for weakness, and other illnesses and injuries.