Here’s every emergency call that Yuma Fire answered this week, 378


The Yuma Fire Department responded to 378 emergency calls for service:
8 General Fire Responses
Including: 1 for an intentionally set apartment fire, 2 for strong gas smells, 1 for a bathroom fan fire, and various alarms
2 Mutual Aid
Including: 1 for assisting Rural Metro with a medical emergency in the County and 1 call to assist Imperial County with a brush fire in the Winterhaven area
25 Motor Vehicle Crashes
Including: 2 involving a pedestrian, 1 rollover, 3 involving 3 or more vehicles, and 1 involving a bicyclist
317 Other Medical Emergencies (both serious and minor)
Including: 34 for difficulty breathing, 26 for chest pain/cardiac issues, 50 for fall related injuries, 25 for unconscious people, 7 seizure cases, 1 possible stroke case, 5 for an intoxicated person, 1 for a person under the influence of drugs, 18 for psychiatric problems (12 threatening or attempting suicide), 2 for dehydration, 3 for medical alarms, 2 for allergic reactions, 3 for choking, 17 for altered or decreased level of consciousness, 1 for fever, 3 for diabetic emergencies, 3 for man down calls, 2 for uncontrolled bleeding, 5 for bad headaches,
2 for an assault, 7 for back pain, 10 for abdominal pain, 3 for a deceased person, 1 for alcohol withdrawals, 1 for lacerations, 22 welfare checks, 1 for a person having difficulty breathing after drinking a bottle of whiskey and two 24-packs of beer, 1 for a person injured when a knife fell on their foot, 1 for a small child with a toy stuck in their teeth, 1 for a ring stuck on a finger, 1 for a person burned by an engine flash fire, 1 for a person burned by a flare up of a gas grill, and other illnesses and injuries (Note: None of the week’s total responses were to the USBP holding facility)
26 Special Duty, Public Assistance, and Residential Assignments
Including: 1 for an EMS standby at the Rodeo, 1 for assisting with disabled vehicles, 1 for assisting YPD with the aerial ladder for photos of a crash scene, 1 for strong chemical smells, 2 for illegal trash burning,
1 for a small brush fire, 1 for a propane gas leak, 1 for a heavy gas smell at 32nd and Ave 3E, 1 for clothes on fire in an oven, and various alarms