Here’s every emergency call that Yuma Fire answered this week, 385


From Sunday April 9, 2023 through Saturday April 15, 2023, the Yuma Fire Department responded to 385 emergency calls for service:
8 Fire Responses including a 4-5 acre fire at West Wetlands
15 Mutual Aid Responses to assist neighboring agencies
23 Special Duty and Public Assistance Responses including one for illegal burning
27 Motor Vehicle Crashes including one for a vehicle and a street sweeper
312 Medical Responses including: 21 for abdominal pain, 17 for upper extremity pain, 20 for lower extremity pain, 10 for alcohol overuse, 7 for altered levels of consciousness, 4 for anxiety, 8 for back pain, 5 for neck pain, 9 for psychological distress, 9 for heart problems, 9 for chest pain, 1 for a stroke, 6 for deaths, 6 for diabetic emergencies, 19 for difficulty breathing, 7 for dizziness, 3 for drug overdoses, 13 for headaches or head pain, 9 for blood pressure issues, 15 for pain, 1 for hallucinations, 1 for a GI bleed, 2 for allergic reactions, 6 for seizures, 3 for sepsis, 2 for fainting, 2 for bleeding, 18 for weakness, 4 for dehydration/heat exhaustion, and other illnesses and injuries.
This week units responded to what was possibly a drowning at The Wetlands and fortunately arrived to find the patient out of the water. Temperatures are warming up and swimming season is coming. Remember to make sure gates, windows, pet doors, and other openings to pools or other bodies of water are secure and do not swim alone regardless of your ability.