Here’s every emergency call that Yuma Fire answered this week, 394


From Sunday March 5, 2023 through Saturday March 11, 2023: the Yuma Fire Department responded to 394 emergency calls for service:
14 Fire responses including a cooking fire that was extinguished by fire sprinklers and a fire extinguisher. Do you have a fire extinguisher handy, and know how to use it? If so, is the gauge in the green?
16 Mutual Aid responses to assist neighboring agencies including assisting Imperial County Fire Department with a brush fire
21 Special Duty and Public Assistance including a call for someone starting fires near the river where units both extinguished the fires and assisted YPD in getting onto the river to locate the suspect
23 Motor Vehicle Crashes with one involving a pole and two involving at least three vehicles
320 Medical Responses and 23 Motor Vehicle Crashes which included: 14 for abdominal pain, 7 for arm pain, 20 for hip or leg pain, 11 for alcohol overuse, 6 for altered levels of consciousness, 8 for anxiety, 11 for back pain, 8 for psychological problems, 1 for a burn, 7 for heart problems, 3 for neck pain, 17 for chest pain, 5 for strokes, 7 for deaths, 5 for diabetic emergencies, 1 for diarrhea, 26 for difficulty breathing, 2 for dizziness, 4 for drug overdoses, 15 for sick patients, 3 for GI bleeds, 7 for headaches or head pain, 3 for bleeding, 11 for blood pressure issues, 1 for hypothermia, 2 for nose bleeds, 2 for overdoses, 12 for pain, 14 for seizures, 2 for suicidal thoughts, 2 for syncope, 2 for facial injuries including 1 for a dog bite to the face, and other illnesses and injuries.
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