Here’s every emergency call that Yuma Fire answered this week, 403


YUMA — From Sunday August 20, 2023 through Saturday August 26, 2023, the Yuma Fire Department responded to 403 emergency calls for service:
14 Fire Responses including two cooking fires, a fire in a laundry room, and a vehicle fire
3 Mutual Aid Responses to assist other agencies
82 Special Duty and Public Assistance Responses including several alarms as well as downed lines, poles, trees, and shade structures due to severe weather. Safety tips for downed power lines include:
– Stay away from downed lines and do not drive over them
– If a line falls across your vehicle, stay in your car until emergency personnel arrive
– Electricity seeks the simplest path to the ground, stay away from anything in its path and do not become its path
27 Motor Vehicle Crashes including 3 that involved 3 or more vehicles, 3 involving stationary objects, 1 involving a bicyclist, and 1 involving a pedestrian
277 Medical Responses including: 12 for abdominal pain, 11 for upper extremity pain, 20 for lower extremity pain, 1 for a death, 3 for alcohol overuse, 8 for altered levels of consciousness, 11 for anxiety, 7 for psychological distress, 5 for chest pain, 5 for strokes, 7 for diabetic emergencies, 19 for difficulty breathing, 8 for dizziness, 7 for drug overdoses, 5 for headaches or head pain, 7 for heart problems, 10 for blood pressure issues, 16 for pain, 8 for seizures, 4 for fainting, 1 for dehydration, 2 for heat exhaustion, 18 for injuries, 1 for insomnia, 1 for kidney stones, 3 for nose bleeds, 19 for weakness, and other illnesses and injuries.