Kitchen fire outbreak, local firefighters take it down


YUMA — The fire department in Yuma has been investigating the fire that caused a small fire in a kitchen. Just after 8:30 PM fire fighters got the call, the fire was in the area of 100 block of North 17th Avenue.
When Yuma fire got there, they discovered light smoke coming from the front door of a single family home. Firefighters quickly took out the small fire in the kitchen, and kept it from spreading throughout the home. The fire damage was limited to a storage rack and the wall behind/above it. A woman and two children were home the time the fire started, and were able to get out.
There was no reported injuries.
Fire investigators were unable to rule out child fire play as a cause of this fire. Matches, lighters, or other fire starting instruments must be kept out of reach and secured from children. Yuma fire says, children must be taught that these items are “tools” and not “toys.”
The potential for property loss, injuries, and deaths, are great. Burn injuries are some of the most painful and difficult injuries to treat, and the one playing with fire is often one of its first victims.