Local Congressman visits Somerton to see southern border


TUCSON — Representative Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07) announced a planned trip to Somerton, Ariz., a city in Yuma County, on Thursday, February 23 near the southern border. Rep. Grijalva’s visit was planned prior but coincides with the House GOP Judiciary Committee trip to Yuma.
Rep. Grijalva’s trip will include a visit to the Regional Center for Border Health, a tour of the new Somerton High School, and a meeting with Somerton City Manager Louie Galaviz. During the visit, Rep. Grijalva will discuss regional investments and Port of Entry modernization.
“Border communities are facing humanitarian and economic challenges and the GOP House Judiciary hysteria over the border isn’t helping anyone,” said Rep. Grijalva. “Jim Jordan and his entire entourage have made careers jumping up and down on national television crying wolf and this visit exemplifies the House GOP approach of performative politics. For those that live in the borderlands and are from here know that we’ve been working together to address the border and economic issues in our communities before they got here and will continue to after they leave. I hope the GOP Judiciary members on their visit take a step outside of their bubble, listen to the people of the border, and come to the realization that we should work together to address what’s happening in a serious and productive manner, but I expect that they’ll continue to beat the same old fearmongering drum.”