Man in Yuma is arrested on GTA charges


YUMA — A man in Yuma has been arrested on GTA charges. Around 8:00pm police in Yume were called to an armed robbery.
The caller said a man demanded his car keys while displaying a rifle. The caller then gave the keys to the man, and the man left in the gray Honda Pilot.
Then an hour later, police were called to another armed robbery. The 20-year-old woman was working at the drive-thru when the man drove up to the window in a gray Honda Pilot and demanded money.
When the woman refused, the man reached for a rifle in the passenger seat. The woman than left the drive-thru window into the store area and the man drove away.
About an hour and a half later, police found the gray Honda Pilot and a man. Police fit the description of the man, to the man they found. The man is 31-year-old Tyler Utley, and he was arrested on numerous felony charges for both cases. Utley is also a prohibited possessor.