Semi-truck parking at homes in San Luis have caught police attention


SAN LUIS — Police in San Luis have been informing the community about maintaining safety throughout the city. Officials for the police department took to social media to address the different issues that have been complained about by citizens, which include semi-trucks parking in residential areas.
According to San Luis municipal code 10.15.225, the parking of any commercial vehicle of more than one-and-one-half-tons capacity on any lot in any residential area shall be considered commercial use and is prohibited.
YumaDailyNews took to social media to see how the community feels about the code, and some residents are not happy. One social media user says, “Wow a hard-working person can’t park on his property?”.
Councilmember, Maria Cecilia Cruz, responded to the Facebook post to inform the community that she is willing to meet with those who want to come and discuss this matter to come up with a solution. Cruz understands the importance of the trucking community in San Luis.
San Luis police department also addressed municipal code 10.15.260, no person shall park any vehicle at any time in that area between the curb and the sidewalk. On those roadways, without curbs, no person shall park a vehicle to force a pedestrian to walk in the traveled portion of the roadway.