Shipping containers on Arizona-Mexico border will be removed


PHOENIX — The shipping container wall along side the Arizona-Mexico border have been set to be removed this week. The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, or DEMA, says, “unless something unexpected happens, the last of the shipping containers along the border in Cochise County should be removed by the end of the week.”
According to the DEMA, the project has cost taxpayers $139.8 million. That is expected to rise until the last containers are removed. DEMA officials say the containers are being transported to state facilities in Yuma and Tucson until a “plan for them is determined.”
Former Gov. Doug Ducey ordered crews to stack containers to help secure the border. After a legal battle with the federal government, the two sides reached an agreement to take the wall down. McSpadden says crews destroyed trees and parts of the habitat for endangered animals. “This is an incredible place for Arizonans and people from around the country and world to recreate,” McSpadden said. “Putting the shipping containers there was a huge, huge waste of money.”