When breathing becomes a burden: COPD’s impact on Yuma


Lung Health
The big picture: Dr. Lindsay Boik-Price says “…living with COPD is like carrying a backpack full of bricks…”
In the news: Did you know that COPD is the third leading cause of death worldwide?
As a resident of Arizona, chances are very high that you or somebody you know has COPD.
In the spirit of being good neighbors, here are 3 ways for you to manage and better understand COPD:
Make sure that you’re up to date on your vaccines for the flu, COVID, pneumonia, and pertussis.Take your medications as prescribed!Try to maintain physical activity, if you can.
6.5% of you living in Yuma County have COPD. And 10.1% of you living in Yuma County have asthma.
16.4% of you smoke & 40.5% of you in Yuma County are obese. Also, 36.6% of you, sleep less than 7 hours per night.
When combined, all of these habits can have a negative impact on the management of COPD.
You should know that COPD is a complex condition that can significantly impact a person’s quality of life and increase their risk of early death.
People with COPD have inflammation and structural changes in their lungs. These changes decrease the ability of their lungs to work efficiently.
It’s essential to raise awareness of COPD and promote early diagnosis and effective management of the disease.
Ways to Manage COPD
Smoking cessation, pharmacological therapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation are critical components of COPD management.
However, keep in mind, personalized treatment plans are necessary, taking into account individual patient characteristics, comorbidities, and disease severity.
COPD management requires a collaborative effort between healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers. Regular monitoring and follow-up are crucial to adjust treatment and improve outcomes.
By working together, we can minimize the burden of COPD and improve the lives of those affected by this condition.
Here are some sobering data about the rates of people who die each year from Chronic Lower Respiratory disease–including COPD.
Talk to your doctor and keep an eye on your lung health.
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