YPG Fire Department preps new fire engine


YUMA — U.S. Army Garrison Yuma Proving Ground Fire & Emergency Services received delivery of a new structural fire engine in early 2023, the department received a 2022 Pierce Saber structural fire engine that holds 750 gallons of water with a 1,500-gallon pump.
This engine has been placed in service at Fire Station 3 to serve the response district which includes: Kofa Cantonment Area, Cibola Range and Highway 95. The truck is equipped with practical and lifesaving upgrades compared to the current engine servicing the area.
The wheelbase is narrower which makes maneuvering through housing and other confined areas easier. A rear camera provides more visibility when backing up in addition to having a ground guide. A rapid deployment hose line at the front bumper of the engine allows fighter fighters to extinguish smaller fires such as a dumpster or car fire without having to deploy a larger handline. And there’s new netting protecting hoses from exposure damage especially with our triple digit heat that can weather hoses rapidly.
Garrison’s new fire engine is also equipped with important details such as reflective tape inside the side utility compartments.
“All these high visibility tapes are important to been seen on roads at night,” explains Fire Fighter and engineer driver Anthony Rios. In the past if the side roll up doors were open the reflective parts would be hidden putting the team in danger of not being seen at night.
A new standard on fire trucks to prevent injury is the shorter hose beds at the rear of the truck points out fire fighter Jairo Magana.
“You don’t have to climb up, especially if you are wearing your gear, it’s a potential fall hazard,” he explains.
Yet still with these upgrades the department is tasked with tailoring the truck to their needs.
Some of those details include securing items to handle YPG’s tough terrain compared to city streets.
“When we go down range, even though they are maintained roads they are not paved roads so the trucks take a lot of beating and things can move,” explained Rios.
Magana adds, “One it makes it look nicer, it’s also a safety issue. Anything that is moving can accidently fall and discharge in the compartment.”
Another goal when tailoring the truck is to place the tools similarly to other trucks in the fleet.
“With this type of job seconds count,” remarks Rios.
Efficiency is important, Magana adds, “The crews know where to go and get the tools and they are not opening all the compartments. Seconds are important.”
Another concern not so easily solved is the single AC on the engine. Not only does it provide relief from the heat for the crew it provides a climate-controlled storage for life saving medications administer by EMTs and paramedics.
‘We are very pleased with the delivery of this new engine; it is the same model (Pierce Saber) that we’ve had in service for a few years at Fire Station 2 on Howard Cantonment Area with a few upgrades. This engine has served our department well and we are anticipating the same from its newer counterpart,” remarked Chief of Fire & Emergency Services Gerald Ball.
With YPG’s fire team providing service to YPG and the surrounding areas of Hidden Shores, Highway 95 up to the Border Patrol Station heading north and mutual aid to Martinez Lake, the team’s new engine will keep the crews safe and allow them to effectively help others.