Yuma County appoints Francisca “Kika” Guzman as Election Services Director


YUMA — The Yuma County Elections Advisory Committee has unanimously recommended the appointment of Francisca “Kika” Guzman as the new Election Services Director. Guzman, who had been serving as the Interim Election Services Director since January 23, 2023, will assume the role following the departure of former Elections Director Tiffany Anderson, who was appointed as the Director of Yuma County Facilities Management.
“As Recorder, it was an easy choice to appoint Kika Guzman as Election Services Director. The EAC unanimously agreed,” says Rick Cowell, “her knowledge and experience has prepared her very well to handle the demands placed on the Election Services Director. She is a lifelong resident of Yuma County and has no intention of leaving which will ensure stability and continuity in our Election Services Department. It was a privilege to offer this Director position to Kika who has certainly earned it.”
Guzman’s tenure with the Election Services Division dates back to 2008, where she initially held the positions of Elections Technician and Elections Specialist. Demonstrating her expertise and dedication, she was promoted to the position of Election Services Coordinator. Throughout her time in this division, Guzman has maintained her State certification as an Elections Officer since 2009 and has been directly involved in every Yuma County election since 2008.
In 2022, Guzman successfully completed the prestigious Certified Elections Registration Administrator (CERA) Program through Election Center and Auburn University, further enhancing her qualifications and knowledge in the field.
As the newly appointed Election Services Director, Guzman will assume responsibility for overseeing and managing all aspects of election operations within Yuma County, ensuring fair, transparent, and efficient processes for electoral events.
The promotion of Francisca “Kika” Guzman by Yuma County exemplifies the organization’s commitment to acknowledging and fostering talent within its ranks. This elevation of outstanding individuals, such as Guzman, further solidifies Yuma County’s dedication to providing exceptional services to both its valued employees and the wider community.