Yuma County Board Chairman requests help from the President


YUMA — Martin Porchas, Chairman of the Yuma County Board of Supervisors, has sent a letter to President Joe Biden requesting an emergency declaration due to the escalating crisis at the US/Mexico border.
“As Title 42 comes to an end, Yuma County, its municipalities, and non-profits find ourselves in need of urgent assistance from the federal government to be able to provide transportation, care, food, and shelter to a dramatically increased number of irregular migrants coming across the border into Yuma County,” Porchas said.
Yuma County remains under the declaration of emergency declared by then-Chairman Tony Reyes in December 2022 due to the health and humanitarian crisis and the anticipated end of Title 42.
“I respectfully urge you to declare a federal emergency to give the federal government the ability to send the resources, personnel, and infrastructure we urgently need to safeguard our residents and the migrants coming across our border,” Porchas said.