Yuma County to focus on long-term planning


YUMA — Yuma County Board of Supervisors Chairman Martin Porchas has called for a roundtable of the County Supervisors, elected officials and senior staff to discuss long-term strategic planning. The event will be held two consecutive mornings on April 10 and 11 from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the Main Library.
“I am eager for the Board of Supervisors to hear directly from Yuma County’s elected officials and senior management team about the goals, opportunities and challenges facing each County department and office,” Chairman Porchas said.
Agenda topics include discussion of the County’s strategic vision, managing risk as a planning tool, anticipated facility needs and more. Department directors and elected officials will share summaries of their future initiatives in an interactive roundtable designed to find common areas of interest and shared solutions to challenges.
The event will also be a catalyst for an upcoming update to the County’s five-year strategic plan. “We’re roughly 18 months away from adoption of our next five-year strategic plan, and this roundtable discussion will be an excellent opportunity to help shape that important process,” County Administrator Ian McGaughey said.
Chairman Porchas said planning is critical to reaching both short- and long-term goals, as well as for handling unexpected events. “I believe we need to keep our vision for the future at the forefront at all times,” he said. “We’ve seen major challenges recently, including COVID, inflation and uncertain economic conditions. Planning will help the County be ready to face future challenges so we can continue to provide critical services to our communities.”
Chairman Porchas will also be announcing a new Chairman’s Distinction Award to recognize an innovative idea that results in cost-savings, enhances the County’s public-service mission, or aids in successful implementation of strategic goals.