Yuma Health Update: 7 Lifestyle Tweaks to Reduce Depression. Doctor Explains


The Big Picture: Dr. Adriana Davis says, “…recognizing the outsized role of lifestyle choices on depression risk is important!”
Doctor’s Expert Insights About Lifestyle Choices and Depression in Arizona
Know this: “Studies like this continue to underscore how much our lifestyle choices influence our health outcomes and mental health. Doing stuff like getting enough sleep, being social, exercising–all of these contribute to better health. Another thing I like to convey to my patients is that you don’t have to do your entire day’s workout in one fell swoop. Do it in short increments if you wish. And, try to keep the number of processed foods in your diet low. Also, know your cholesterol and sugar (A1c) values. All of these things can extend life!” Dr. Shelandra Bell, Family Medicine.
Beyond the News: Data from this study, and many others, continue to show that lifestyle choices can impact your health and well-being.
Health Alert for Yuma
Key Drivers in Yuma County:
A new study from China analyzed data from almost 300,000 people in the UK Biobank. The study explored 7 healthy lifestyle factors that are thought to reduce the risk of depression.
The 7 factors identified include: “…alcohol consumption, diet, physical activity, sleep, smoking, sedentary behavior and social connection.”
Takeaway: Good sleep and frequent social connections had the biggest impacts on reducing depression risk. The data showed a 22% and 18% reduction in risk respectively.
What they’re saying: “Lifestyle factors have been acknowledged to be modifiable targets that can be used to counter the increasing prevalence of depression. This study aims to investigate combining an extensive range of lifestyle factors, including alcohol consumption, diet, physical activity, sleep, smoking, sedentary behavior and social connection, that contribute to depression, and examine the underlying neurobiological mechanisms. …the factors affecting the onset of depression are complicated and involve both behavioral and biological factors. Therefore, to prevent the onset of depression, comprehensive strategies are needed to explore the risk factors and mechanisms so as to explain all aspects of the pathophysiology of depression..” (Study Source)
Health Standard Newswire: New research continues to build on the notion that lifestyle choices can impact our genetic depression risk.
Living in Arizona, the following health facts impact your mental health directly!
Did you know there were 1200.0 deaths from hypertension in Arizona in 2021?
14.9% of you in Yuma County binge drink on a regular basis.
16.4% of you in Yuma County are smokers.
19.9% of you in Yuma County are depressed